Layoffs & Cutbacks is a weekly e-mail service that identifies national, regional, and local businesses and plants in transition through layoffs, closings, and work force reductions. A reduction in the number of employees is an indication of a current or imminent change in the operations of an enterprise and is invaluable in identifying companies including private firms, small public companies, and subsidiaries of major corporations that are in flux.

Layoffs & Cutbacks is an ideal tool for firms that provide services to businesses in transition, such as temporary employment agencies and outplacement firms, and for companies whose business may be affected by change, such as suppliers, professional firms, and insurance companies.



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Legal Notice
Sources and Accuracy. The information contained in Layoffs & Cutbacks is based on data supplied by various sources. All published information is believed to be reliable. However, the accuracy of most data cannot be verified prior to publication and the information is not guaranteed. Do not rely on Layoffs & Cutbacks without independent verification.